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May 2, 2009

Vackra Stockholm (Beautiful Stockholm)

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Ah, Sweden. The land of lagom.  The land of Jante’s Law. The land of neutrality.  What does Sweden have to offer against the tourist capitals (Paris, London, Rome, Vienna) of the world coupled with people so concerned about being in line and reserved?

That’s a good question.  Even three months (about to be four on May 9th) of residence in Sweden I still am not use to the lack of corinthian architecture and fulfilling local interactions so commonly found elsewhere in Europe. However, roughly a month ago I finally got the chance to sojourn for a weekend in Stockholm, and I must say it was a city the exceeded my expectations.  Stockholm is situated in an archipelago of rolling hills. Each building nestled on a cliff or incline, leaving the city jam-packed.  Contrary to my currenlty formed standards, I got my fix of European architecture in Gamla Stan (Swedish for Old Town), where our hostel was situated in.  Grayish-blue cobble-stone streets intervene between rusty yellow and decaying 18th century buildings that encroach on your walk-way overhead.  As people chatter in their native Swedish tongue, strolling through the alley-ways, their shoes’ heels “clop” on the stone floor creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Stockholm in the 1700s (even if you had never been alive during then).

Aside from the price, Stockholm, well-known for its strain on your wallet, is a must see if you ever take a hiatus in Europe.  Sure, you can go to the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Coliseum, etc, but Stockholm, by nature of its people, stands independent of the same old seen everywhere else. I mean, how many people do you know that have been to Stockholm? And, trust me there are things to entertain your interests (be it night-life, museums, or food).  More on that later.

Drew and I ventured to Stockholm with some of our very good friends here in Jönköping. Only two out of three are pictured here: Julie (French) and Falcão (Brazil). Our third friend, and chaffeur extraordinaire, Gabriel (France), decided to take a nap during this picture to rest up for the pending three hour trip home.  All three of them are very good friends, and definitely deserve a reunion should we find ourselves in their countries.


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