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May 2, 2009

Öresundsbron (The Sound Bridge)

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This weekend I ventured to Lund for one of Sweden’s biggest festivals, Valborg, a celebration for the coming of Spring/Summer.  It is celebrated bygrabbing a lawn chair, a 24  pack of your favorite beer, a blanket, food, and friends.  As you can probably imagine, it’s quite a fun time.  Roughly 10-15,000 Swedes gather in a park in Lund, and, literally, sit and enjoy the sun with beer in hand. 

Sidenote, everything in Sweden takes the sun seriously.  Aside, from everyone looking for any reason to be caught in the 6-month-absent sun, flowers are sprouting everywhere, and the grass is sprinkled with more floral decoratives.  In short,  when the sun comes out–everything is in full swing.

But, back to this picture.  This is Öresundsbron. A special bridge that symbolizes my first entry into beloved Sweden. On January 9th, I arrived into Copenhagen, and took a train into Malmö, where Rasmus and Jonas Wendt would pick me up and stay a night with the Wendts. I remember riding on that train, thinking to myself, “I am finally here. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”   But, as I look outside,  all was depressing, clouds hung close to the sea,  the water was a cold, uninviting, gray, and it was frigid.  Ironically, I remember thinking for a split second, “Wow, this is bleak!”  But, I kept my chin up, remembering that you never know what your future holds for you. 

Now, on the eve of celebrating my 4 month sojourn, I am in Malmö again relaxing with Wendts .  And, I could do it every weekend.  Even if Bo Wendt, (the Wendt paterfamilias), loves to put me to work. I gotta pay for my meals, bed, and internet somehow. For example, today was the first day I have ever mowed any lawn in life.  I know, I know!  I just never got the chance as a teenager. 

All in all, staying with the Wendts is always fun.  They’re always sarcastic (keeps you on your toes).  Always quirky: Ask them what they do at 22:22. Or, ask Hélène Wendt what her fake-out is in a family game of beer pong. One word:  “Schicka-doo!” And, finally, always hospitable. 

Here’s another treat for you: (courtesy of Rasmus’s photo-taking abilities and Emil’s naming convention) Charlie Shows Some Lawn-Mowing Skills!



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  1. Best picture so far, the bridge, not you. Flatter yourself much?

    Comment by ketfu06 — May 6, 2009 @ 3:45 AM

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